Team & Web Collaboration

White-label Team Collaboration

MaX Meeting is a market leading cloud conferencing and collaboration service. Enabling customers to improve their productivity with a rich set of video conferencing, presentation and screen sharing features.

Team collaboration is one of the fastest growing areas of the market, as customers looking to improve their collaboration and productivity internally. The service is fully integrated with our Metaswitch based network, but can be sold as part of a full Hosted PBX solution or as a standalone service.

Voice and Video Conferencing

We can offer up to 50 attendees a rich voice and video feature set, with integrated moderator controls and both gallery and speaker focus views.


Screen and Application Sharing

This enables presenters to share their desktop screen or individual application with collaborators. It also has advanced features enabling you to Share iPhone and iPad screens.


Desktop remote control

This feature enables users to control another participant’s desktop, and can be used for both trouble shooting and for when one person is presenting, but someone else has the slideshow.


Outlook Integration

Ability to create and change meetings from within the MS Outlook meeting / calendar application.


Advanced Host Controls

The host can control the conference by using Host Controls such as mute/unmute panellists, and recording. The service also enables Hosted to utilise a Questions and Answers dialog box with live or text answers.

The service provides our partners with a significant new revenue opportunity, and an opportunity to sell the service as both a standalone and integrated service. This enables you to target customers who may not be in the process of renewing their PBX, but get an initial foothold in the account.


The service provides an intuitive customer experience that is supported on mobile devices as well as desktop with integration into our MaX UC Mobile service.

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