Wholesale Hosted PBX

Wholesale Hosted PBX

Expand your market opportunity and boost your recurring revenue with Reinvent’s white-label or co-branded Hosted PBX.

Wholesale Hosted PBX


The global market for Hosted PBX is projected to grow from $10 billion in 2022 to $28.2 Billion by 2030.

—Global Industry Analysts Inc.

Be an Owner,

Not an Agent.

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Capitalize on the Growing Demand for Hosted PBX

Remote work, digital transformation and cost optimization — not to mention an installed base of thousands of aging PBXs — are driving unprecedented demand for cloud communications services like hosted PBX.

Take advantage of the great cloud migration and mine your existing base of customers with on-prem PBXs for gold by adding carrier-class hosted PBX to your solutions portfolio.

No switch? No capital? No problem! Use our carrier-class platform and start delivering hosted PBX services to your clients swiftly.

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The Last Business Communications Solution Your Clients Will Ever Need

Help your clients get out of the constant cycle of upgrading and maintaining their phone systems to add more users and the latest functionality. Offer them a future-proof cloud-based communications solution as a subscription service, improving your client retention.

It’s always on and always up to date, so you don’t have to spend cycles on maintenance and upgrades, boosting your margins.

And it can expand on-demand to support more users as their business grows, increasing your recurring revenue.

As a reseller (not an agent), you can control the entire customer experience end to end.

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Finally, Voice Made Easy for MSPs

Many MSPs have left revenue on the table by referring voice to agents or other providers. Reinvent’s hosted PBX solution is designed with MSPs in mind and when sold using our CoBranded solution, allows MSPs to capture 100% of the profit margin while owning their customers. The ease of sales and management allow MSPs to capitalize on this growing market.

Deliver Flexible & Future-Proof Cloud Phone Systems

Deliver End-to-End Customer Experience

Take care of your customer and earn additional professional services revenue on phones, installation, training and more.

Right-Size Client IT Costs

Your clients can buy only what they need at a flat rate per phone, per month. As their business requirements change, you can enhance services as needed.

Offer Enterprise-Class Features

Seats include desktop and mobile apps with presence, chat, meeting and business SMS/MMS, plus unlimited inbound faxing and an optional Teams connector.

Always-On Service

Deliver 99.999% network reliability, carrier-grade power and data centers. Even if there’s a power outage or natural disaster, clients can be assured of continuity through our geo-redundant architecture.

Empower Clients with Call Control

Our web-based portal gives users and administrators the power to manage call routing and other preferences, so you can support them as much or as little as you like.

Enable Remote Employees

Supporting a distributed workforce is easy. Your clients can put an employee anywhere with an Internet connection and their device will integrate seamlessly with our cloud-based platform.

Mobilize Client Business

With our mobility package, your clients can use our Hosted PBX features from their smartphones, tablets, laptops or other mobile devices.

Unify Client Communications

Integrate voice, video, presence, instant messaging and SMS/MMS into a single platform with UC for desktop or mobile devices.

Support Nomadic 911 & Block Robocalls

Comply with regulatory requirements to support nomadic 911 for emergencies and STIR/SHAKEN for blocking robocall scams.

Phones & Features to Fit Your Clients’ Needs

Our Hosted PBX solution has the flexibility to support all types of work and workers. It includes all the standard PBX features, plus:

Softphone for Desktop & Mobile

SMS/MMS Texting

Video & Web Meeting

Unlimited Fax

Unlimited Local & Long Distance

Browser-Based Management Portal

Business Reports

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Brand Your Business

Get white-label marketing collateral and campaigns.

Brand Your Business

Get white-label marketing collateral and campaigns.

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