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Virtual Fax Mobile Device


The global Online Fax market will grow from $4.7 billion in 2022 to $12.32 billion by 2030.

— Kings Research, August 2023

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Virtual Fax Devices

Capitalize on Secure Faxing-as-a-Service

Your business clients today primarily use email, messaging and collaboration software to share documents, files and important communications – but many clients in government, health care, academic and non-profit organizations still rely on faxing for certain types of communication.

Why? Faxing is considered a secure method for confidential communications in regulated industries.

The problem is traditional faxing is a manual, time-consuming process for users for users to send and receive faxes — not to mention the burden of maintaining fax machines.

You can help! Our faxing-as-a-service solutions improve on faxing’s strengths with tightened information security and eliminate manual processes for friction-free faxing.

Mobile Device Fax Solution

Hosted Fax:
A Better Way to Fax

Today, your clients need flexible faxing solutions that can meet the demands of a mobile, all-digital business environment. Our Hosted Fax solution is the answer.

Hosted Fax delivers the functionality your clients expect from fax servers plus the flexibility, cost advantages and advanced capabilities of a modern cloud service.  

When properly deployed, it can be used in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

Our cloud-based solution has no extra costs for upgrades and enhancements, predictable subscription-based pricing and scales with your clients as their companies grow.

Internet Fax to Fax Device

Reliable Internet Fax to Fax

Despite a technical standard (T.38) designed to make faxing work over the Internet, jitter, packet loss and sync issues can cause many Internet faxes to fail, causing companies to switch back to analog fax lines.

Instead, offer your clients a reliable Internet Fax solution using TLS encryption and an on-premises appliance between their fax machine and our cloud data center.

Our unique Internet Fax to Fax solution is not affected by jitter or packet loss, and it works perfectly even over the poorest of Internet connections, including Wi-Fi and satellite.

Like our Hosted Fax solution, when properly deployed, it can be used in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

Inbound Fax to Email Machine

Inbound Fax to Email

With Inbound Fax to Email (iFax), your clients customers can send unlimited inbound faxes to a dedicated phone number that will come in as a PDF to an email address. You can offer this as as standalone service or included with a standard seat through Reinvent’s Hosted PBX service.

Offer Streamlined & Secure Enterprise-Class Faxing

Our faxing solutions includes these key features:

Inbound and outbound services

High-availability cloud infrastructure

Network diversity and redundancy

Support for PCI DSS or HIPAA

Secure server with SSL encryption

Fax number porting or assignment

Support for 40+ file formats including PDF, JPEG, DOC and GIF

Internet Fax to Fax TLS encryption

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Brand Your Business

Get white-label marketing collateral and campaigns.

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