At Reinvent, we have delivered carrier-grade services to our customers for over 20 years.

Many providers of cloud PBX and UC services base their solutions on open-source solutions which originated in the low-end PBX market. At Reinvent we selected a vendor for our core switching technology that could deliver an industrial strength solution. Consequently, a central part of our technology solution is Metaswitch who has over 34 years experience in developing carrier-grade telecommunications software. Metaswitch has deployed its solutions in over 500 carriers around the world, supporting over 45 million users and we make extensive use of their core switching, security technology and applications to deliver the Reinvent service portfolio.


We work closely with Metaswitch at both a commercial and technical level. That close working relationship translates into the development of new functionality to assist our Partners and their end users with unique and specialized applications.


Our Metaswitch systems are located in geographically diverse locations and interconnected by multiple fiber rings to ensure that in the event of a failure the switchover is triggered in under 500mS.


Our network is highly diversified with IP, MPLS and PSTN interconnections to eight major US service providers. If we lose a single interconnect due to circuit failure, we still pass traffic and maintain high service levels to our customers.

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    Our hosted service is fully compatible with telephone handsets from the leading vendors in the market including Yealink, Polycom, Cisco and many others.


    Unlike many white-label cloud providers, we address the challenging regulatory issues like emergency calling and lawful intercept to the same level we provide as an Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC). You can rest assured that we have the technology and experience to guide you through the regulatory issues that are critical to an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) and to maintain compliance with Federal and State regulations.

    Our Partners benefit from a very stable business that invests in its network with a no-compromise attitude to maintaining carrier-grade service levels for its customers. Our technology is central to that strategy, and our partners, like Metaswitch, work closely with us to ensure we continue to exceed the market’s expectations.

    Additional Edge Device and Application Partners include:


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