White-Label UCaaS and Hosted PBX Give MSPs a Competitive Advantage

Mar 7, 2024

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The outlook for managed service providers (MSPs) in 2024 is one of dual tracks:

  • Growing opportunity. On the first track, the opportunity for generating new recurring revenue, even in a volatile economic environment, is clear. Businesses need secure communications and collaboration services to support work-from-home (WFH) and work-from-anywhere (WFA). According to Frost & Sullivan’s 2023 Global UCC Solution Adoption Status, video conferencing and collaboration solutions have 65% adoption among organizations, with cloud and mobile PBX and cloud-based enterprise telephony services having 34% adoption. MSPs have a clear opportunity to deliver in-demand collaboration solutions and upsell customers with cloud-based phone systems.
  • Stiff competition. On the second track, this increased opportunity is driving increased competition for all that spend.

All in all, this means that your potential as an MSP is enormous, but you’ve also got to be on your competitive game—for your customers and your own business.

As an MSP, your access to customers is hard-won and valuable.  

No provider can replicate your relationship with customers as a trusted advisor, no matter how good their solutions are or how hard they try.As a result, service providers – especially hosted PBX and unified communications as a service (UCaaS) providers –   want access to your relationships. You likely take calls daily as they engage in commissions and SPIFF wars.

They’re pursuing you because they know that offering what may seem like “found” money for your existing relationships delivers a far more valuable transaction in their favor: converting your customers into their customers. The implications of this reality far exceed revenues and product margins. The customer base itself is highly valuable. Building and selling a base of those customers is the endgame for most providers that aggressively pursue relationships with channel partners.

You don’t have to trade away the value of your customer base.

The right white-label UCaaS and VoIP provider can help you capture that value for your own company, which:

  • Positions your MSP owners and managers for a lucrative exit. This isn’t hypothetical. MSP partners of Reinvent Telecom – the leading provider of white-label cloud solutions for MSPs – have sold their UC customer bases for tens of millions of dollars.
  • Makes your current customers “sticky.” Every client you have is overwhelmed by business transformation and emerging needs. Your ability to deliver services from a partner they trust could not be better timed for your customers and your MSP’s retention efforts.
  • Provides you with a high-demand growth vehicle. In-demand services open doors, and communications and collaboration services are at the top of most companies’ lists since they’re mission-critical services. The confusion companies face when trying to evaluate which solutions they need is tailor-made for MSPs.

White-Label VoIP and UCaaS Delivers Many Other Significant Benefits

The reason your customer base is valuable lies in the power of recurring revenues and what that means for the “owner” of those revenues (and relationships). Other benefits of delivering UCaaS and Hosted VoIP services through the right white-label VoIP provider partner include:

  • Brand building: Brand-building happens on two levels— the market at large and the brand you build with your customers. Why build another company’s brand when you can build your own?  
  • The ability to react to market conditions. When you own your customers, you can create your own service bundles, set your own pricing and control your own margins. Most MSPs can avoid competing with low-cost leaders because they control their customer relationships.
  • Rapid and inexpensive market entry: The most prominent reasons MSPs and other channel partners don’t enter the communications market as providers are the extensive costs of the equipment and personnel needed to deliver services and the time it takes to clear regulatory hurdles required to become a public utility. A full-service white-label VoIP provider covers these needs and more through private-label billing services so that you can get into the game today.
  • Focus on revenue: The right white-label provider will deliver access to cutting-edge technologies, technical support, billing, and operational support so you can focus on growing your customer base.

MSPs, Telecom Resellers and Broadband Providers Can Provide Their Clients with Hosted PBX for Their Next Business Phone Systems

White-label VoIP solutions empower experts to build their businesses while helping their customers meet the demands of today’s mobile, distributed workforce and work-from-anywhere (WFA) realities.

The Mass Migration to the Cloud Continues

Companies must ensure business continuity during power failures, network outages, natural disasters and cyberattacks, which can disrupt communications and operations in the blink of an eye. The resulting downtime is expensive and can severely affect their reputation and bottom line.

There’s an opportunity to guide your clients to the right cloud communications solution as a trusted advisor to your clients. Let’s examine why hosted services are necessary to compete in today’s market and what they can do for your clients.

What is Hosted PBX?

Most of today’s phone systems use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This technology revolutionized voice communications for businesses by transporting voice traffic digitally over the Internet rather than via the traditional public switched telephone network. Enterprise VoIP uses network resources efficiently for significant savings, facilitates remote office connectivity, and opens the door to next-generation converged solutions like mobility, chat and video.

With a hosted PBX service, often called hosted VoIP, the call control platform or private branch exchange (PBX) is located off-site in a hosted PBX provider’s (or hosted VoIP provider’s) data center. Your clients can get the same telephony and UC features without purchasing, maintaining and operating their own system hardware and software. The hosted provider takes care of it all.

Why Hosted VoIP?

An in-house, VoIP-based phone system has advantages over traditional telephone systems, but the “hosted” aspect takes it to a new dimension. Having telephone system equipment located off-site in a service provider’s data center brings inherent resiliency and disaster recovery, but hosted PBX and VoIP services deliver more benefits:

  • Pay-as-you-go: Hosted solutions eliminate capital expenditure (CAPEX) outlays for phone system hardware. Instead, hosted/cloud services use an operational expense (OPEX) payment model. Your clients pay a simple, predictable monthly fee to access the hosted PBX system as-a-service remotely. (Unified-Communications as-a-Service or UCaaS includes hosted PBX but extends the feature set beyond voice with collaborative capabilities like webchats, texts and video.)
  • Focus on Business Goals: Managing your clients’ communications infrastructure will free up their time, budget and staff to focus on their products and services, research and development, strategic initiatives, customer engagement and revenue opportunities.  
  • Tap into the Latest Technologies: Feature updates are automatic with hosted services. Your clients can turn on the latest capabilities, applications and technologies, like video collaboration or real-time analytics, without purchasing or installing any new system software.
  • Scale on Demand: With a hosted solution, you can adjust the number of users for your clients flexibly and on-demand when their requirements change. Premises-based telephony hardware has fixed-capacity limits that can only be expanded through expensive software upgrades or new hardware purchases.
  • Ensure Resiliency: Hosted cloud services are designed for reliability, redundancy and disaster recovery. Automatic failover to redundant servers at the provider’s data centers ensures that communications continue even during a power or network outage.
  • Work from Anywhere: Your clients can work from home or any location as long as they have internet access. Apps on their computers and mobile devices facilitate phone service, instant messaging, video conferencing, file sharing and more. The freedom of work-from-anywhere models also allows them to hire staff from anywhere.

Help Your Clients, Grow Your Company

Traditional, legacy on-premises phone systems can’t support the requirements of today’s mobile and distributed workforces and the new work-from-anywhere (WFA) reality in which your clients operate.

By partnering with Reinvent Telecom, you can deliver your customers always-on, always-available communications no matter where their employees are. When those services are built from market-leading technologies, they’ll have easy access to the latest capabilities and functionality that will keep them competitive, now and into the future.

We arm you with a broad portfolio of wholesale hosted PBX and UCaaS services, SIP trunking, collaboration, CCaaS, business messaging, virtual fax and Microsoft Teams calling enablement solutions backed by industry-leading providers.

Most importantly, with Reinvent, you own your customers. So instead of being an agent, getting a commission and selling off your customer base one client at a time, you can grow your business and own your customers through our White-Label and CoBranded Partner Programs. Since you own your customer base, you can sell that base later – in fact, some of our partners have built and sold their companies for tens of millions of dollars. Why build wealth for another company when you can create your own?

We’re Proven Partners for Your Success

At Reinvent Telecom, we’ve built extensive partner programs that empower you to quickly and effectively become a next-generation cloud communications provider. We’d love to show you how and share the success stories of MSP partners that have built and sold valuable customer bases.