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White-label Hosted PBX

The workplace is changing, with IP-based cloud/hosted communications transforming businesses worldwide. Our advanced Hosted VoIP service will enable you to take advantage of this change, providing your customers with a service that saves money and increases productivity.

Our Hosted PBX service has been developed over the last 9 years, with the support of our technology partner Metaswitch, and will provide any partner the platform and confidence to build significant new Hosted business revenue.


The market for Hosted PBX service is growing rapidly as customers are understanding the benefits of moving from an on-premise PBX solution to cloud based solutions. You only have to look at recent market reports on the PBX market that show a year on year decline around 9%. That 9% decline is all going into Hosted PBX services.


Unlike other Hosted PBX providers, our heritage has been cloud first and we have had 9 years’ experience working with our trusted partner Metaswitch to produce a compelling and successful program for our partners to sell our product.


Metaswitch’s platform had enabled us to build a ‘best in class’ product set with all the features that you would expect from a PBX, and many more to enable your customers to communicate better to drive business efficiency, cost savings and support a mobile workforce.


Reinvent has been working with a diverse range of partners from all over the country and our product and partner program will enable you to deliver a world class service to your customers at competitive prices with attractive margins to build a next generation voice service that will keep your customers happy for years to come.


Work with us today to deliver a premier product to bring your customers into the Hosted PBX world.

The core product features include a series of Call Control capabilities and other key functions such as: Auto Attendant, Receptionist, Call Queues, Hunt Groups, Voicemail, and Mobile clients; all of which will ensure improved customer communications, by handling calls quickly and efficiently.


As well as these advanced call handling tools, we also offer an advanced set of collaboration products to ensure businesses can transform the way they work in the future.


With the rich set of advanced Call Management features and additional Collaboration capabilities, the solution can have a real impact on customer interaction management. Simple management interfaces allow users to manage remote sites from one simple portal, ensuring productivity is maximized and response rates are optimized.


We also support the partner with a series of tools including; White label billing, Partner portal, and an extensive partner program.

Support for your Mobile Workforce

As the workforce and business environment changes, there is an increasing requirement to work flexibly from various locations rather than having a traditional office. With our cloud solution, users can use the service from any location and with a variety of different devices.


Scalability in Line with Rapid Business Growth

Whether adding new team members or new offices, Hosted PBX will meet scalability requirements by providing the ultimate flexibility that fits every business’ dynamics, with lower costs and faster deployment than traditional systems.


Cost Savings

By opting for Hosted PBX, businesses choose a future-proof solution, with flexible feature configuration, contracts to suit their specific requirements and limited capital expense. Businesses often save between 20-40% over traditional solutions.


Reliability and Business Continuity

If a business premise is affected by a natural disaster or calamity, our solution lets users immediately start working from a different location. The cloud phone service is built on a highly resilient Telco architecture which will ensure business continuity in case of flood, fire, earthquake, etc.


Improved Customer Communications

Our customers never miss a call, can easily record their conversations, answer on any device, read their voicemails and easily integrate their phone system with their CRM database; these are only a few of the multitude of available capabilities and functionalities of a Hosted PBX solution.


Unlimited Calling

Businesses get better forecast expenditure with our unlimited local and 500 minutes long distance and mobile calling with every user.

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